IGB Deals: Programming 101 Bundle

IGB Deals: Programming 101 Bundle

Learn to Code the Web’s Top Technologies with Programming 101!

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Dipping your toes into the vast programming waters, or just want to learn a valuable skill? Perl is a great starting point. It’s easy to learn and borrows elements from many other languages—meaning you’ll be well-equipped to expand your programming knowledge. And it’s versatile to boot, used in everything from system administration and GUI development.

Java is the elder statesman of the programming world: it’s been around for a while, and is respected for its reliability and functionality. It’s the most common programming language today, powering everything from online games to SaaS solutions used by big corporations. This course outlines everything you need to master this crucial language, bolstering your programming credentials and employability.

Want to build a future-proofed, perfectly functioning website? Use HTML5 to craft its bare-bones foundation, then visually enhance it using CSS3. You’ll learn the theory underlying the two languages, solidify your knowledge with practical exercises, and will be creating stunning websites in absolutely no time.

  • Create responsive websites using HTML5 & CSS3 w/ 5 hours of content
  • Control the appearance, functionality & navigability of your websites
  • Format text, utilize lists, create links & work w/ images
  • Manipulate font styles, color & list styles
  • Craft tables & forms and customize them
  • Complete projects to consolidate your knowledge

Grab the Programming 101 Bundle only at IGB Deals!

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