Indie Ammo Box: Bundle 5

All of the proceeds from Bundle 5 directly support Operation Supply Drop, a 501(c)3 organization, with the mission to provide a community connection to troops through video games and digital entertainment.

Gunspell: Steam Edition is a unique blend of RPG and puzzle await you in this epic adventure! Guns and magic against monsters, vampires, demons, heroes and unknown worlds.

DarkEnd is a traditional 2D RPG dungeon crawler, where simple yet addictive game-design meets stunning visuals to tell an unforgettable tale of love, bravery and sacrifice.

“Z”, the classic Real Time Strategy Game by the Bitmap Brothers. Fans of this classic strategy title are in for a real treat. Everything is in here from the terrific comedy cut scenes to the frantic game play making this is the definitive version of Z.

Battleplan: American Civil War introduces you to fastplay wargaming, a new kind of strategy game experience.

In Blackbay Asylum, you take on the role of a confused psychopath who finds himself able to leave his cell one day.

iO is an abstract physics platformer about size and speed. Grow bigger and smaller in order to solve some of the trickiest puzzles.

Grab a friend, grab a gadget, grab a gun and get ready for the most fun you’ll ever have in a co-op game Space Farmers.

The Bundle 5 includes:

  • Gunspell: Steam Edition
  • DarkEnd
  • Z
  • Battleplan : American Civil War
  • Blackbay Asylum
  • iO
  • Space Farmers

Get your copy of Bundle 5 over at Indie Ammo Box!



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