Kiss My Bundles: Gravity Madness KissMyBundle


This is an ideal bundle for anyone who enjoys arcade games. Be it so-called liquid puzzler Bloop or time management game Tribloos 2, you’ll get hours of fun and addictive (and let’s face it – sometimes frustrating) gameplay from this bundle. Co-op game Space Farmers, racing game Racer 8 and intense vertical shooters Super Killer Hornets and Pester are also included. Plus many many more!

Gravity Madness Bundle includes:

  • Bloop
  • Ionball 2
  • Lunar Panda Deluxe
  • Pester
  • Super Killer Hornets: Resurrection
  • The Tribloos 2
  • Space Farmers
  • Racer 8

Grab it over at Kiss My Bundles.


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