Pay What You Want to Master Game Development from Scratch

Interested in creating immersive 3D worlds? How about designing addicting real-time web and mobile games? The Pay What You Want: 2017 Master Game Development Bundle teaches you how to become a multi-platform game development and programming pro with many of the industry-leading game engines, programs, and software.

2017 Master Game Development Bundle

Unity and Unreal Engine dominate the 3D worlds of the video game landscape. With this bundle, you’ll get a fundamental understanding of each engine — from the basics of navigating their interfaces and interacting with in-engine objects (characters, obstacles) to advanced concepts like integrating audio elements.

Real-time web and mobile games also account for a large chunk of the video game industry. Knowing Meteor.Js, MongoBD, Phaser, Construct 2, and Unity Android — all included within this bundle — helps you engage players with addicting games that will keep them coming back for more!

The best news? This 10-course bundle, featuring 77 hours of coursework, is set up as Pay What You Want. Meaning, you can pay literally any price you choose and unlock two of the top included courses on Construct 2 and Java development. Beat that average price (now just a dime over $17), and take home all 10 courses. Pay what you want at IGB Deals and start making your dream game today.

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