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Just Get Through is a roguelike platformer that will test your awareness, reflexes, and creative thinking. While the style is about as lo-fi as humanly possible, it is done beautifully. Your character’s pompadour flops and grass is crushed underfoot as he walks. There will be very little time to admire this sort of attention to detail, but the fact that it’s present is reassuring. Most of your time in Just Get Through will be spent avoiding every sort of obstacle imaginable. There is a rather large learning curve, as you encounter new traps and decipher how to deal with them accordingly. If you can think of no possible way, simply chuck dynamite in there and create your own path to victory. Just Get Through had me wrapped up in minutes, why? Let’s look deeper at Just Get Through.


Each level in Just Get Through is randomly generated as you enter it. Early levels start as basically a linear path with a couple spikes to impede you, while later levels become labyrinthine corridors stuffed full of everything from sawblades to gatling guns. One of the nicest features in Just Get Through is the ability to degrade walls and ceilings as you slide or jump against them. This tactic can be used to save yourself some precious dynamite, but you also risk being crushed by the dirt you freshly loosened. Completing a set amount of levels will allow you to pick a perk. There are perks that allow you to survive falling dirt, and dynamite explosions. Jump height and running speed are some of my favorite perks, largely due to the controls being so wonderfully tight.


There are signs with words from the developer that I found myself purposely seeking during my playthroughs. Here you will find everything from hints, to encouragement, to outright threats about how badly this game wants to wreck you. Well, I’m a sucker for a game that pushes back. Despite the obstacles being relentless, it is never unfair. The tools are all given to you right from the start, and cautious awareness will carry you to victory. Speed is a factor however, as your time will be calculated into a high-score upon a game over. With a variety of nine gameplay modes, including a daily-run with leaderboards, you are sure to find something in Just Get Through that will tickle your deepest desires. Even if they happen to be a bit masochistic.


I am not able to offer much criticism at all for Just Get Through. $5 is an insane value for a game offering this sort of replayability. Chests are scattered throughout the levels that will unlock new skins to change the pallet of everything in the game. While it’s a purely aesthetic reward I often find myself taking the long way to the exit and wasting most of my lifepool in attempts to see what interesting color combos that mysterious chest might hold. While I’d like to have a story or be given a reason for this tireless journey, the endless action and unforgiving nature of Just Get Through is enough to keep me hooked for a long time to come. This game is a project of passion, and it shows throughout. Fantastic job Retrific, you’ll be seeing me on the daily leaderboards for a long time to come.

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Summary: Fantastic platforming roguelike. Think Super Meatboy meets Spelunky. With perks. *drool*

Verdict: $5 is a steal for a game with this sort of replayability. Do it. Do it now.

Just Get Through was released on Steam Jan 30th 2015.

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