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Informational: Steam Bundle Changes

There's a big shake-up coming to how Steam's bundle purchases work, giving them dynamic pricing. In official documentation given to developers, Valve have outlined a redesign of Steam bundles so that they automatically give buyers that already own some of the products within a discount.

OtakuMaker: Bundle #5

Otaku Bundle offers tons of bundles at discount prices. Indie Game Battle seems to be my pick for the top of this bundle, despite sharing the same initials as our illustrious site!

Indie Gala : “Attraction” MEGA Bundle

A collection of classic PC games. While we usually focus on indie game bundle, we'll certainly settle for a plethora of PC classics! 17 games for $2.99 is insane. Pay homage to your roots with this gigantic bundle!

Hot Random Keys: Aliens vs. Zombies Bundle

Hot Random Keys brings you 7 wonderful titles for only $2! Games include Alien Shooter, Alien Hallway, Zombie Shooter, and more!

Humble Bundle: Humble Weekly Bundle – Rising Star Games

Humble Bundle brings us a new weekly bundle full of games from Rising Star Games! Get up to 8 games for at least $1; including Deadly Premonition, Cloudbuilt, TRI: Of Friendship and Madness, and more!

GOG: Forgotten Realms Bundles

Forgotten Realms Bundles - choose between 3 bundles of classic Forgotten Realms games such as Eye of The Beholder, Pool of Radiance, Dungeon Hack, Menzoberranzan and more. Also, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights are on sale up to 80% off.