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Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Web Developer eBook Bundle

Pay what you want to get Professional Java EE Design Patterns, beat the average price to get 6 more books including Professional Java for Web Applications and Professional Git.

The Complete Python Programming Bundle

Designed for beginners and more advanced coders, these comprehensive Python courses will introduce you to this general-purpose programming language that many professionals consider one of the best first languages to learn.

Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0

The Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0 includes just about everything your will need to learn Python - with 9 separate courses priced at 96% off normal price.

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle

Learn to code! This collection of online courses covers everything you need to know about Google Go, Python, Scala, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Angular 2, Swift 3, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Git and more.

The Crash Course Coding Bundle

The Crash Course Coding Bundle collects various online courses on coding in Java, C, Python and more - anything a beginner developer might want to know.

The Humble Book Bundle: Python presented by No Starch Press

No Starch Press is back, and they brought a bundle of Python titles for anyone interested in learning how to code. They're all ebooks, so you can read them anywhere you like – no constrictions, and are yours to keep forever.

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