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All Game Bundles by Fanatical!

Get exclusive deals and bundles with one of the most trusted official Steam key resellers – Fanatical (previously Bundle Stars)

Fanatical Team17 Essentials Bundle

Enjoy a fantastic collection of iconic Indie titles with the Team17 Essentials Bundle - featuring three games and three DLCs for just $9.99!

Fanatical Legends Bundles

3 new legendary bundles have launched at Fanatical - Anime Legends, FPS Legends and Strategy Legends, besides a dozen or two already live bundles during the latest BundleFest.

Fanatical LEGO Pick & Mix Bundle

Fanatical Lego Pick & Mix - Build your own Blockbuster bundle with a brand new LEGO Pick & Mix! With 21 LEGO games to choose from, pick any 3 and pay $11.99

Fanatical Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon Bundle

Lead the Imperial forces of the Armageddon Steel Legion and Space Marines against the Ork invasion in the Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon Bundle!

Fanatical Festival Mystery Bundle

Fanatical Festival Mystery Bundle is a gathering of exciting Steam games, an ensemble of highly-rated titles that - from just $1 - is just too good to be missed. With 10 mystery games available for only $6.99, gamers have the opportunity to obtain leading games for a fraction of the price.

Fanatical Leisure Suit Larry Bundle

Fanatical Leisure Suit Larry Bundle brings loads of Larry love to your desktop. Includes all 7 games in the Larry series, and no, Leisure Suit Larry 4 still doesn't exist.

This Week on IGB

Groupees Be Mine Anniversary 5

Groupees Be Mine Anniversary 5 collects a bunch of Steam games plus even a comic book, a dystopian short story collection and some music for a few dollars.
Fanatical Stronghold Bundle

Fanatical Stronghold Bundle