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Fanatical Build Your Own Tiger Bundle

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with Fanatical, and go wild with a grrreat new selection of 20 Steam PC games in the latest Steam game bundle from Fanatical.

Fanatical Build Your Own Slayer Bundle 4

Choose 3, 5 or 7 games to add of your bundle! Get 3 games for $4.99, 5 for $7.99 or 7 for $9.99. Available until February 18th 2022, all games delivered as separate Steam keys.

Fanatical 2022 Mystery Bundle

Start 2022 with a bang, with the Fanatical 2022 Mystery Bundle! In this mystery bundle, you can get 1 game for $0.99, 2 for $1.89 and so on until maximum of 10 games for $6.99.

Fanatical Build Your Own Fantasy Bundle

Adventurer, it’s time to build your bundle with 18 fantastic Steam PC titles to choose from, including a huge array of highly-rated games.  Get 1 game for $1, 5 games for $2.99 or 10 games for $4.99.

Fanatical Guardian Bundle 5

A brand new game bundle has launched today! Shape worlds and solve mysteries with the brand-new Fanatical Guardian Bundle 5 featuring up to 13 Steam titles!

Fanatical Kings & Queens Bundle

Fit for royalty. Experience a diverse line-up of chess Steam titles in one unique collection with the Kings & Queens Bundle - featuring 5...

Fanatical Build Your Own Puzzle Bundle

Choose any 4, 8, or 12 games to add of your bundle! Get any 4 games for $0.99, 8 games for $1.79 or 12 Steam games for $2.49. 17 Steam keys to choose from.

Fanatical Platinum Collection – Build Your Own Bundle January 2022

Choose 3, 5 or 7 games to add of your bundle! Get 3 games for $9.99, 5 for $14.99 or 7 for $19.99. That’s a good way to get some quality games for cheap and fill your library a bit!