Fanatical Summer Mystery Bundle 2024

Another mystery bundle is here – take a risk and add a precious collection to your Steam Library with the Fanatical Summer Mystery Bundle!

What makes this year’s bundle stand out is that with each purchase, you’re automatically entered into our competition for a chance to win a premium PowerColor GPU worth over $500! But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Fanatical is also including AAA Game Packs within the bundle, featuring top-tier titles like Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT, Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, Dragon’s Dogma 2 Deluxe Edition, Manor Lords, and No Rest for the Wicked. Will fortune favour you?

Choose one to ten games, 1 Steam key costing $1.00, up to 20 random Steam keys for $13.99.


Mystery bundles are a risky business and not many people like to gamble with their hard-earned money, but in case you did buy one, please leave a comment below the post and tell us which games you got. 

Some of the games reported to be in this bundle:

Please note: If you buy 1-20 games from this bundle in one transaction, you will receive different games. If you purchase multiple bundles, there’s a chance that you will receive the same game.

Buy the Fanatical Summer Mystery Bundle here

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