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Grab the VR Steam Game Shlocks for Free

Shlocks, a WarioWare style multiplayer game on Steam has just gone from paid to a free game. It might also be removed from Steam in the future so play it while you can!

Download Weird West – The Bounty Hunter Journey free on Steam

Weird West - The Bounty Hunter Journey is more than just a demo - it's a 5 hour long campaign that you can continue in full game if you decide to buy it.

Grab the VR Pool Game The Rack on Steam While it’s Free

The Rack, a VR pool game on Steam will soon go from free to paid so get it while you can. Once you claim the game and add it to your Steam library, you can keep it forever.

Free DLC on Steam: Rebel Inc: Escalation – Sand & Secrets

Sand & Secrets is the first DLC for Rebel Inc: Escalation, and is free for the first month of launch so pick it up now! This DLC is free until October 24th 2022.

Free DLC on Steam: Need for Speed Payback – Fortune Valley Map Shortcuts

Got the need for speed? No, seriously, if you own Need for Speed Payback, you can add this DLC worth $4.99 to your account for free! Available for free on both Steam and Origin.

Top 10 Weird Free Adventure Games on Steam

I've compiled a list of 10 weird indie adventure games that I've enjoyed and I hope you will too. All of these games are short and fun and none of them will ask you for money via microtransactions.

PC Game FLASHOUT 3D: Enhanced Edition is now Free on Steam

Another Steam free game is available starting from September 4th 2022 – FLASHOUT 3D: Enhanced Edition, a PC version of the famous Whiplash sci fi racing games.

Get Death Skid Marks for free on Steam

Another Steam free game is available starting from August 22nd 2022 - Death Skid Marks, and insane indie vehicular destruction simulator with action and RPG elements.