Grab Sky: Children of the Light free on Steam

Sky: Children of the Light is a peaceful, award-winning MMO from the creators of Journey. Grab this wonderful game for free on Steam.

Grab Sky: Children of the Light free on Steam

Sky: Children of the Light has very positive reviews on Steam.

In Sky: Children of the Light, you dive into a visually stunning world filled with adventure and mystery. As one of the Children of the Light, your mission is to bring hope to a desolate kingdom and free their ancestral spirits.

This game isn’t just about solo quests; it thrives on its sense of community and shared experiences. You’ll solve puzzles, explore ancient ruins, and uncover secrets of a forgotten civilization—all with the help of newfound friends you’ll meet along the way.

You can team up seamlessly with others, creating moments of connection through acts of kindness, playing music together, or even attending lively in-game concerts, if that’s that’s what you want.

You can grab Sky: Children of the Light on Steam for free for unlimited time.

We’d love to hear from you once you’ve taken to the skies. Drop a comment below and let us know how your adventure in the world of Sky is going! What has been your favorite part of the game so far?

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