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IndieGala: IndieGalactic Bundle

Goodbye work! Hello, cold vast void of space! There are a few Black Shell Media titles in the mix and the bundle doesn't look extremely well-vetted, but its hard to deny bulk Steam games at this price!

IndieGala: Friday Special Bundle #30

Pay $2.99 or more (SPECIAL 72 HOURS EASTER PRICE) and get the following 12 Fantastic Steam Games! Bundle courtesy of IndieGala. Keeping your Steam backlog packed, since relatively recently.

IndieGala: Friday Special Bundle #29

IndieGala always ends the week gracefully. Angvik is in this bundle, and if you haven't played the charming action-platformer I'd say get over to IndieGala. The best comparison I can make is "cutesy Dark Souls".

IndieGala : Special Friday Bundle 28

Friday is a very special day for a variety of reasons. IndieGala is doing their part to keep you nice and safe indoors this weekend! Stop by IndieGala and pick up 12 delicious games for less than $3! There are plenty of fun titles in the bundle, including Muffin Knight, Bloodsports.tv, and I, Gladiator! Give it a try.