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Humble School of Rebels by Kodansha Manga Bundle

The bundle is available until July 7, 2022 and features $1,273 worth of action-packed academia, high-school romance, and classroom drama in this mega manga bundle of 112 books from Kodansha!

Humble Award-Winning Manga Bundle 2022

Discover the very best of manga! Pay $1 to get 7 comic books, pay more to unlock up to 33 award-winning manga from Kodansha Comics!

The Humble Book & Manga Bundle: MONOGATARI Returns

Monster tales and more. Pay just $1 to get 2 manga and 2 light novels, pay more to unlock up to 44 manga comics and light novels by NISIOISIN.

Humble Book and Comic Bundle: Crime Noir

Dive in and discover hard boiled noir ebooks like The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, Deadly Beloved, and a Stephen King Sampler, plus some comics and manga.

Humble Manga Bundle: Attack on Titan Final Season

Get comics, ebooks, and audiobooks from the acclaimed Attack on Titan series like Attack on Titan: No Regrets Complete Color Edition, Attack on Titan: Anime Guide, Attack on Titan Vols. 1-4 and more!

Humble Terrifying Tales Manga Bundle

Warning: This is a bundle full of disturbing, violent, bizarre manga. Hell yeah. Get comics like Junji Ito’s Cat Diary Vol. 1, Happiness Vol. 1-5, PTSD Radio Vol. 1-5, Dissolving Classroom, and In/Spectre Vol. 1.

Humble Manga Bundle: Award Winning Manga by Kodansha Comics

Award-winning manga at your fingertips. Get manga like Love Hina, BECK, Parasyte, To Your Eternity, Space Brothers, Your Lie in April, and Princess Jellyfish.

The Humble Manga Bundle: Manga to Anime

Explore The Ghost In The Shell Vol. 1-2, Battle Angel Alita Vol. 1 - 9, The Seven Deadly Sins Vol. 1-10, and more great stories that made the leap from manga to anime.