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Humble Manga Bundle: Attack on Titan Complete

Pay just $5 to get 5 graphic novels, pay more to support charity and get up to 24 huge anime packs, including the complete Attack on Titan Saga and extras!

Humble School of Rebels by Kodansha Manga Bundle

The bundle is available until July 7, 2022 and features $1,273 worth of action-packed academia, high-school romance, and classroom drama in this mega manga bundle of 112 books from Kodansha!

Humble Award-Winning Manga Bundle 2022

Discover the very best of manga! Pay $1 to get 7 comic books, pay more to unlock up to 33 award-winning manga from Kodansha Comics!

The Humble Book & Manga Bundle: MONOGATARI Returns

Monster tales and more. Pay just $1 to get 2 manga and 2 light novels, pay more to unlock up to 44 manga comics and light novels by NISIOISIN.

Humble Book and Comic Bundle: Crime Noir

Dive in and discover hard boiled noir ebooks like The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, Deadly Beloved, and a Stephen King Sampler, plus some comics and manga.

Humble Manga Bundle: Attack on Titan Final Season

Get comics, ebooks, and audiobooks from the acclaimed Attack on Titan series like Attack on Titan: No Regrets Complete Color Edition, Attack on Titan: Anime Guide, Attack on Titan Vols. 1-4 and more!

Humble Terrifying Tales Manga Bundle

Warning: This is a bundle full of disturbing, violent, bizarre manga. Hell yeah. Get comics like Junji Ito’s Cat Diary Vol. 1, Happiness Vol. 1-5, PTSD Radio Vol. 1-5, Dissolving Classroom, and In/Spectre Vol. 1.

Humble Manga Bundle: Award Winning Manga by Kodansha Comics

Award-winning manga at your fingertips. Get manga like Love Hina, BECK, Parasyte, To Your Eternity, Space Brothers, Your Lie in April, and Princess Jellyfish.