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Get Rayman Origins for FREE on PC via Ubisoft Connect

Get your free copy of Rayman Origins on Ubisoft Connect PC now before December 22nd! Get it in that period and it will remain in your account forever! Enjoy playing!

Get Rayman Legends for FREE on uPlay

Get Rayman Legends for free on Uplay, you'll be able to play anytime! You can claim the game from March 31st at 15:00 to April 3rd at 15:00 (your local time).

Free Game on Epic Games Store: Rayman Legends

Epic Games is giving away FREE copies of a probably best platformer on PC, Rayman Legends, for one week, starting today and lasting until December 5th 2019.

Games Republic Weekend Deals

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition (75% off), Dark Souls 2: Scholars of Sin (50% off), Rayman: Legends (75% off), Trials: Fusion (75% off), Assassin's Creed: Black Flag (75% off) PixelJunk Bundle (90% off) and more.