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Boldly Go: A Star Trek Comic Collection at Humble

Pay just $1 to get 3 Star Trek comics including The Best of Klingons. Pay more to get up to 54 comics ranging from Mirror Universe, DS9, TNG, Discovery, Picard, Classic Star Trek, Khan and more

Humble Book Bundle: The Star Trek Hero Collector Library

Boldly go and explore the Star Trek universe in this collection of ship guides, tech manuals, character profiles, and so much more!

Fanatical Star Trek Online Charity Bundle

Buying any tier of the bundle will give you a chance of winning a place on Star Trek: The Cruise V - an exotic holiday cruise worth over $5,000 and featuring unprecedented engagement with dozens of your favorite stars. Make it so.

Humble Comics Bundle: Star Trek 2020

Captain's Log, Stardate 97677.71. We are faced with over $562 Star Trek comics from IDW Publishing. Issues include Star Trek: Discovery: Succession, Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke, and Star Trek: Year Five #1-8. 

GOG Interplay Bundle – 23 games

GOG Interplay Sale is live - 90% off for Interplay completionists that get the whole bundle of 23 games and 60% off individual games + 60/80% off four awesome Star Trek titles!