GOG Interplay Bundle – 23 games

And thus begins the Interplay Completionist Week! It’s the perfect time to complete your collection by making use of the gigantic 90% discount, or to get started on it by picking up some awesome titles like Freespace 2, MDK 1+2,Messiah, or Lionheart for 60% off!

We’ve all been there. Taken by our primordial urge to complete a collection of beloved items, we either venture to track them down one by one, striking at the most opportune moment, or to keep a secret fund handy so that we can snatch them all in one fell swoop! The Interplay Completionist Week caters to both, putting a nice 60% discount on all individual Interplay games and rewarding completionists with a hefty 90% one. At the same time, four Star Trek games by Interplay are orbiting the sale, going for 80% off when assimilated as a unit.

interplay bundle gog 90% off

There are a lot of slimy superheroes out there, but no one comes close to Earthworm Jim, the super-strong, super-agile, super-pink punisher of villainous oddities that can action/platform his way out of any sticky situation.

Modern first-person RPGs would not be the same without Stonekeep, this one-of-a-kind mix of deep role-playing mechanics, intriguing lore, daring visual design, and hardcore sensibilities.

Set your phasers to…Pick Up! Star Trek™: 25th Anniversary invited us to a universe of point’n’click adventures full of tough moral choices, varied outcomes, and interstellar travels that delighted series’ fans and non-believers alike.


In short, 90% off for Interplay completionists, 60% off individual games + 60/80% off four awesome Star Trek titles!

Grab 23 games in the GOG Interplay Bundle

The sale will last until May 29, 9:59 AM UTC.

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