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Child of Light is free at uPlay

Get Child of light free on Uplay, you'll be able to play anytime! You can claim the game from March 24th at 02:00 pm GMT to March 28th at 02:01 pm GMT

Get a free copy of For Honor at uPlay

Sign up to get your free copy of For Honor you'll be able to play anytime! You can claim the game from August 20th at 03:00 pm to August 29th at 10:00 am

Get a month of Uplay+ for free

Uplay+ is a new Netflix-like gaming subscription service that lets you play over 100 Ubisoft games, including all new releases such as Watch Dogs Legion (once it launches). Get free access from 3rd to 30th September 2019

Get Watch Dogs for FREE on uPlay

To get Watch Dogs for FREE on uPlay, head over to uPlay, register or login and add the game to your account before November 13th at 5PM. Enjoy hacking!

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Free Game on Steam: Acceleration of SUGURI 2

Acceleration of SUGURI 2, a lightning-paced duel-style shoot'em'up will be free on Steam from the 27th March to March 30th.