The Green Light Bundle: Best of Bundle


Megabyte Punch is a fighting game in which you get to create your own fighter. Funny part is how you get to do this: by fighting and killing other game characters and stealing their body parts. Each body part has it’s own bonuses which will allow your fully customized character to ultimately devastate every foe. If you’d like something less aggressive and more animal friendly you should try Escape Goat – a puzzler/platformer in which you take control of a goat imprisoned for witchcraft. Can you, as a goat, escape the dungeon or will you be scaped?


If you’re nostalgic for NES gaming era, this bundle has three games that might appeal: KRUNCH is a reflex game best suited for those who grew up on Mega Man, Syder Arcade is an homage to free scrolling multi-directional shumps, while Oniken plays with retro image of 80’s action movies and games.

Best of Bundle includes:

  • Megabyte Punch
  • Escape Goat
  • Bridge It
  • Syder Arcade
  • Oniken

Get it over at The Green Light Bundle.

Green Light Bundle comes back with this selection of their best titles from the past. You can expect new Green Light Bundle from now on every month. Track them all in our active bundles category!

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