The WordPress Essentials Lifetime Bundle

WordPress is one of the most powerful and user-friendly website building applications in the world. Anybody can learn WordPress, but it takes a lot of practice and training to make a living off it.

The WordPress Essentials Lifetime Bundle

The WordPress Essentials Lifetime Bundle collects 4 courses designed to give you a full, deep understanding of everything you will need to know to make dabbling in WordPress a paying job.

  • WordPress Course – Install & setup a WordPress site from scratch, learn about plugins, SEO and hosting services
  • Effective Copywriting – Learn how to think like a copywriter by focusing on your audience
  • Basic Programming for Marketers – Learn how web tech works so you can discuss it more intelligently w/ developers and understand how apps, software, & programs are built
  • Introduction To Web Development – Not quite sure how websites actually work? You’re not alone. This course, however, will show you the basic building blocks of websites and how they work.

The WordPress Essentials Lifetime Bundle is available for a limited time at IGB DEALS

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