Ultimate Unity3D Game Building Bundle

Ultimate Unity3D Game Building Bundle

Deploy the Next Viral Game: 5 Courses (17+ Hours) of Instruction on Game Art, Game Physics, Collecting User Data & More


Learn to create physics… SCIENCE!

Even a game world is beholden to the laws of physics, but at least you have a say in how they’re configured. In this course, you’ll master game physics by tinkering with and developing a full game in Unity 5. Armed with a mastery of how different forces work, you’ll be able to program liquids to splash realistically, animate collisions between game objects, and much more.

  • Master game physics using Unity 5 w/ 2.5 hours of content
  • Create spherical objects, configure the physics of rigid bodies, program bouncing balls, etc.
  • Understand different types of forces & how to apply them: torque, gravity, etc.
  • Utilize buoyancy physics for water, lava & other fluids
  • Detect collisions between game objects, utilize triggers, work w/ joints, etc.
  • Use Unity to import packages, program animations & create a full-fledged game

Get Unity Game Analytics for FREE!!

Learn to integrate Google Analytics with any Unity game, allowing you to quickly and easily analyze user behavior data. You’ll identify effective ads, fast-selling store items, levels that may be deterring gameplay, and more, giving you insights with which to optimize user engagement and ad revenue.

  • Integrate Google Analytics with any Unity game w/ 1 hour of content
  • Collect data on user behavior in iOS, Android, PC & other platforms
  • Track & optimize ad performance to increase revenue
  • Understand user behavior & use the insights to improve your game
  • Pinpoint & fix parts of your game in which users tend to get stuck
  • Learn how many users play your game daily

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