Wats on Groupees: Thrillers

Wats on Groupees: Thrillers collects 5 games and 3 videos, set up in two tiers.

This bundle will be available for 14 days

Wats on Groupees: Thrillers


TIER 1: Pay at least $1 to get:

  • Whispers (Steam)
  • Apartment 666 (Steam)
  • Redrum: Dead Diary (Greenlit, DRM-FREE)

TIER 2: Pay at least $3 to also get:

  • Hush Hush: Unlimited Survival HorrorĀ (Steam)
  • ZombieZoid Zenith (Steam)
  • The Basement (Movie on Steam)
  • The Cain Complex (Movie on Steam)
  • The Bloc (Movie on Steam)

Wats on Groupees: Thrillers is available over at Groupees

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