Free game: Two Worlds GOTY (Steam key)

Another promotion by DLH, get Two Worlds GOTY edition for free! Steam key.

Check out the game in action:


  • Go to DLH and create an account
  • Connect with your Steam account
  • Keys are added hourly so try again later if you don’t get your key at your first try!
  • Jordan


  • awaken

    this german site never work for me in UK :c

  • I love this site :D. Thanks for the heads up!

  • stinky

    Just a scam to get your email.

    The captcha just sits there and loops so they get your address, but you get nothing.

  • MarshallRawR

    Nope, it’s just you. I’ve received quite a lot of free games from DLH. This one worked too
    Always verify you’re not the cause of the problem before blaming others 😉

  • Thiago Paulino Dantas

    Is not a scam, I got the game.
    PS: is the 7th game they give me.

  • Thiago Paulino Dantas


  • Yue

    switch language to english, works fine. Just wish they’d stop giving german links here…

  • Cool

    They offer today more 6 games in your account. I got 47 Euros of money of free games without discount.

  • congratz~

  • AstralFist

    I can’t register it wont let me click the button >_>