Alawar Cubic Bundle

Alawar Cubic Bundle is a Steam game bundle collecting 15 indie games, including Hidden Object 6-in-1 bundle, Mountain Crime: Requital, Prehistoric Tales and more for just $2.99.

Alawar Cubic Bundle

Paying $4.99 will get you 2 copies of the bundle!

TIER 1: Pay at least $1 to get the first tier of games:

TIER 2: Pay at least $2.99 to get the entire bundle of 15 titles, also including:

14 out of 15 games in this PC game bundle come packed with Steam Trading Cards. Top 5 contributors will get the next Cubic Bundle for free! When 1500 games are sold, another mystery title will be added to the bundle.

Get the Alawar Cubic Bundle here


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