Amazon offers free kids TV shows and cartoons to everyone

Got kids at home climbing the walls and screaming 24/7 due to the coronavirus quarantine? Amazon might help! They have just removed the paywall from dozens of kids programs and cartoons and is available to Amazon users worldwide.

Amazon offers free kids TV shows and cartoons to everyone

Of course, not all shows are available in all territories, but all countries should be able to watch “Pete the Cat”, “Just Add Magic” and “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and other Amazon Originals. Viewers from USA can watch some seasons of PBS Kids shows including the popular “Arthur,” “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” “Odd Squad” and “Wild Kratts.”

In Europe, third-party content includes “Peppa Pig” and “Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.”

To access the free TV kids show, head over to the “free for all” page and login with your Amazon account.

Enjoy watching (or your kids, anyway), and remember, folks. #stayhome

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  1. this was good post tonci theres also many offers around for other streaming services for adults to, but for many of with back log of games im sure we have enough 🙂

    hope you are all well and ~staysafe #stayhome

  2. Says 1 episode free and the rest is free if you have Prime… At that point, you get Prime Videos so it’s not really a deal.

  3. I have Prime membership, but I’m out of the country (US). What happens in that case is that I can’t watch anything except a very limited collection of Amazon Originals. But it totally sucks because all my favorite Amazon Originals aren’t even in that limited selection (Such as “Mozart in the Jungle” and “The Collection”). And PS – Amazon recognizes when you’re using a VPN. *SCREAM!*

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