Appock WordPress Native App Creator

Push Your WordPress to The Android Frontier by Creating Your Own Native App With The Appock WordPress Native App Creator

Appock WordPress Native App Creator

Are you a dedicated WordPress blogger, ready to elevate your WordPress game? With Appock, you can publish your blog as a fully native app in as little as 3 steps. Take advantage of the mobile revolution by complementing your web presence with an easily accessible app for mobile users. You can even monetize your newly discovered mobile traffic to make your WordPress start working for you. With the Starter Plan, you’ll get hosting in the Appock Play Store account, getting a broader reach for new audiences, and new income.

  • Get a fully native app experience for your WordPress
  • Stay in touch w/ loyal readers through unlimited push notifications
  • Customize your categories, colors, fonts, & much more to ensure your brand is represented well
  • Keep your users in the app when they open external links w/ a native browser experience
  • Allow users to share your app & posts over Facebook, Whatsapp, & other social media w/ a single tap
  • Receive offline support so your users can view your post when they don’t have internet access
  • Monetize your app w/ various ad networks, adding mobile banners & interstitials w/ ease
  • Track your app’s usage w/ built-in support for Google Analytics
  • Keep your updates fluid w/ app update prompts for all your users

Grab the standard or professional version at IGB DEALS for 57% off!

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