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The Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits by Dynamite

Pick up John Wick, Undisputed Street Fighter, Vampirella Master Series, Game of Thrones, Nancy Drew, Battlestar Galactica, Kevin Smith's Green Hornet, and more favorites.

Fanatical Learn Japanese to Survive! Complete

It's time to brush up on a new set of skills to survive with the Learn Japanese to Survive! Complete. This trio of educational anime RPGs puts a fresh and entertaining spin on gaming and learning a new language!

Fanatical Stronghold Collection

It's time to design your own castle and engage in medieval warfare with a selection of popular simulation strategy Steam games in the Fanatical's latest Stronghold Bundle.

The Humble Indie PlayStation REBundle 2019 – 2 more weeks

A PlayStation REbundle? Yes, indie-d! Get games like Killing Floor 2, Shadow Warrior 2, Layers of Fear, The Talos Principle, and plenty more for your PS4.

Fanatical Lore Bundle

The Fanatical Lore Bundle is filled with ancient mysteries and exhilarating worlds to explore for hours on end. Immerse yourself in these five positive-rated Indie titles from veterans of the gaming realm. 

The Humble Book Bundle: Eat Like a Geek by Skyhorse

Cook up a storm with Geek's Cookbook, Edwardian Cooking, One Pan to Rule Them All, and more. Plus, bundle purchases will support the Freedom to Read Foundation!

Fanatical Elite Mystery Bundle

Fanatical Elite Mystery Bundle gives you exclusive access to a hand-picked line-up of best-selling games from the most popular publishers. Choose one, two or three sensational Steam titles worth at least triple the value of what you spend.

The Humble Strategy Bundle 2019

Humble's newest bundle is filled with strategy games like Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI, Plague Inc: Evolved, Stellaris, and more. Skillful thinking and planning not included.

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