Build a GOG Wayback Winters Bundle

Build a GOG Wayback Winters Bundle – build your bundle with 36 classic titles up to 70% off

Way back when winter days were the longest of the year, when time stood still in anticipation of the holidays: of the time off from all responsibility, of flashy, shiny new fun, and of pure, undistilled, childlike wonder. That’s when we would truly game, become wholly immersed in the games we play – uninterrupted by daily troubles – shaping our tastes and forming the fondest of memories.

Up to 70% off Evil Genius, Commandos, Realms Of The Haunting, Aliens vs. Predator, Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs Death, Empire Earth and more.

The promo will last until December 22, 10:59 AM GMT.

Check it out at GOG

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