Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle

Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle

Online is where the best multiplayer action takes place so if you want to make a difference in the gaming community you’ll have to learn how to get it done!

This bundle focuses on building multiplayer Unity games and it comes packed with the following online e-learning courses and assets:

  • Building 3D Voxel Art Environment Worlds with Unity 5
  • Unity 2016: Character Gear and Weapon Use
  • Unity 5: Multiplayer InGame Mail Messaging
  • Unity 5: Build a Chat System for Online Multiplayer Games
  • Unity 5: Interact with the Database Like a Pro with PHP & MySQL
  • Unity 5: Host Your Game Server Online like a Pro
  • Unity 5: Pro Multiplayer Combat Using Melee & Ranged Weapons
  • RPG Character Stats and Item Attributes System
  • Unity 5: Inventory System for Professional Games
  • Modular Assets 3D Graphic Pack

$824 is what these courses would cost you if bought separately. Get them all for just $39 over at IGB DEALS! Time limited offer.

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