Bundle Bandits: Step On It! Bundle

Hardcore indie title make the latest Bundle Bandits package. Ready for games that will put your speed and maneuvering abilities to the test? Then check Bundle Bandits: Step On It! Bundle out!

CoreBreach is the anti-gravity racing game with combat-based gameplay.Or you can race with hovercraft over swamps, water or land to beat the opposition in Hovercraft Racing.

There’s a kart racing competition named Nitro Racer XD is a kart racing competition which allows the use of weapons. Choose different types of cart, blast and have a blast! Musclecar Online, as the name suggests, is an massively multiplayer online racing game. Race against the ghost recordings of your friends and players from around the world.

Step On It! Bundle includes:

  • Core Breach
  • Nitro Racer XD
  • Musclecar Online
  • Hovercraft Racing

Get the Bundle Bandits: Step On It! Bundle here


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