Bundle Stars: Barbaric Bundle

Are you hungry for some barbaric destruction? Then the Barbaric Bundle is the right choice for you!

Drakensang is a third-person party-based RPG based on the pen & paper role-play rules of The Dark Eye.

Discover a stunning world of motor sport brought to life, from racing muscle cars through the iconic streets of San Francisco and competing in the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans to drifting around the docks of Yokohama in GRID.

Play Droid Assault and experience running blaster battles with hordes of rampaging killer robots! Discover a unique tactical arcade shooter, with the fun addictive gameplay of 8-bit classics.

In Bardbarian play as Brad the barbarian and dodge incoming enemy attacks and projectiles in this quirky RPG/tower defense hybrid.

Hero Of Many is an atmospheric action adventure that takes you deep into underwater caverns.

Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade is a detective story told by a dweller of a cruel dark fantasy world affected by the pandemic.

The Battle of Sol is an intense space action game where you participate in epic capital ship battles, thrilling dogfights, space station raids, and much more.

Another Perspective is a puzzle platformer following the very confusing adventure of someone looking for something…

HassleHeart is an amazing arcade game about a robot running out of energy forced to rip out hearts to survive.

Experience truly authentic Wild West locations on the PC, from a stormy rain robbery to bloody sunsets and beautiful old New Orleans, and more in Helldorado.

Barbaric Bundle includes:

  • Drakensang
  • GRID
  • Droid Assault
  • Bardbarian
  • Hero of Many
  • Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade
  • The Battle of Sol
  • Another Perspective
  • Hassleheart
  • Helldorado

Get your copy of the Barbaric Bundle over at the Bundle Stars!

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