Bundle Stars: Breakthrough Bundle


Trapped in the world of video-games, try to make it out of Beldam. Or become evil dungeon lord and control your minions in Dwelvers. If you’re up for some high octane you should try Calibre 10 Racing. If you ever wanted to run your own car company you should try GearCity, and if you want to control the skies and waves, From the Depths is a game for you.

Note that this is an early access bundle. It means that a game is being developed as you play and give feedback. Also, the developers update the games regularly with great new content.

Also, this is the first bundle of that type! Kudos to Bundle Stars for bringing something new to the table!

This bundle includes:

  • Bedlam
  • Dwelvers
  • Calibre 10 Racing
  • Shadow Blade: Reload
  • GearCity
  • From the Depths

Get it over at Bundle Stars.

Fun fact: Did you know that Bundle Stars has a bunch of other bundles on sale right now?

Check them all out here

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