Bundle Stars Essentials Pick & Mix Bundle

Choose out of 18 games in the Bundle Stars Essentials Pick & Mix Bundle ! Pick 2 Steam games for $1.00, 6 Steam games for $2.49 or 12 Steam games for $3.99!

Bundle Stars Essentials Pick & Mix Bundle

Take your pick out of 18 titles including A Story About My Uncle, Manual Samuel, The Silent Age, PONCHO, Overture, STANDBY, Rise of the Triad, Planetary Annihilation and many, many more!

For a full list of titles available in this absolutely huge bundle just head over to Bundle Stars and make your own bundle!

Bundle Stars Essentials Pick & Mix Bundle is available here for a limited time as a part of the latest BundleFest, with new bundles added every day.

You can also check out all other bundles by Bundle Stars or take a look at all other active game bundles.

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