BundleStars – New Reality Bundle Reloaded

New Reality Bundle Reloaded

The New Reality Bundle has been reloaded with even more Steam games! In TIER 1, grab yourself a massive bargain with 12 Steam keys at a fraction of the normal price! Upgrade your bundle to TIER 2 to get the 7 more games in addition to the first tier. Or upgrade to TIER 3 to get all 19 keys above PLUS one key for the New Reality Studio Pack!



This includes all current Steam games and DLC from the awesome Indie publisher plus ALL future releases. Please choose your tier carefully – you won’t be able to upgrade later – and make sure to redeem your Studio Pack key first as this includes all games in TIERS 1 and 2!

TIER 1: Pay $2.49 / 2.79 € to get:

Elements: Soul of Fire
AI: Rampage
Rabiez: Epidemic
Data Hacker: Initiation
Data Hacker: Corruption
Invasion: Brain Craving
Dungeon of Zolthan
Broken Dreams
Hero Quest: Tower Conflict
Radical Spectrum: Volume 1

Tier 2: Pay $3.49 / 3.89 € to also get:

Data Hacker: Reboot
State of Anarchy
Elements II: Hearts of Light
Project Starship
Fall of Civilization
Reset 1-1

Tier 3: Pay $5.99 / 6.59 € to also get:

New Reality Studio Pack

Get the New Reality Bundle Reloaded only at BundleStars!


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