Create 10 games with The Unity 2D Game Developer Bundle

Build 30 Mini Virtual Reality Games in Unity 3D From Scratch

If you are interested in developing amazing, commercial quality games that are playable on a variety of platforms, this bundle is for you.

With this bundle you’ll create 10 games while you learn! Check it out:

  • Tile-Based Math Game Project: Create a 2D Math Game in Unity That Increases the User’s Math Ability & Teaches How to Problem-Solve Under Pressure
  • Unity 2D Projects: Plane in the River: Learn How to Create an Awesome Retro-Style Shooting Game
  • Unity 2D Projects: Worm Attack: Create an Astounding Rendition of the Classic Worm Attack Game with a Modern Twist
  • Unity 2D Projects: Rogue Frog: Create an Awesome Retro-Style Rogue Frog Game
  • Develop a Puzzle Platformer Game: Add More Puzzle-Oriented Mechanics for a Tomb-Diving Adventure
  • Unity 2D Projects: Toads & Fireflies: Learn Important & Transferrable Game Development Skills While Creating a Local Multiplayer Toads and Fireflies Game
  • Unity 2D Projects: Super Plumbers: Create This Arcade-Inspired, Classic 2D Platformer Game As You Learn Skills Crucial to Development
  • Unity 2D Projects: Rocket Defender: Create a Sleek, Addictive Rocket Defender Game in Unity While Mastering Core Game Development Techniques
  • Unity 2D Projects: Space Attackers: Have an Astounding Rendition of the Classic Space Attackers Game with a Modern Twist
  • Unity 2D Projects: Pong: Create a Simple & Intuitive Pong-Style Game
  • How to Make Games with GameMaker Studio 2 Using GML: Get Better Understanding of the GameMaker Language Programming & Learn the Code You Can Take and Convert for Your Own Games

This great learn-by-example gamedev eLearning bundle is available to purchase at IGB DEALS for a limited time.

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