Daily Indie Game: DIG Super Bundle #21

Another selection of DIG’s previous deals is live. The DIG Super Bundle #21 will cost you only $1.49 for six games. However, if you beat the average price you’ll get an extra key for each of the games. If you register for a DIG account after your purchase you’ll also receive a surprise free game! Bunch of content at a hilariously low price!

Initiation and Corruption entries to the Data Hacker series are included, as well as puzzlers Great Permutator and Obulis, FPS action game Manhunter, and simulator Ampu-Tea!

DIG Super Bundle includes:

  • Data Hacker: Initiation
  • Data Hacker: Corruption
  • Great Permutator
  • Obulis
  • Manhunter
  • Ampu-Tea

Grab the DIG Super Bundle #21 over at Daily Indie Game.


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