Daily Indie Game: Space Trader: Merchant Marine

Edit: Finished

In 1984. Elite showed us how thrilling the space trading/pirating can be, and since then, the buzz has not worn itself off. 31 years later the whole plethora of space sims emerged and bacame a genre of it’s own.

Space Trader: Merchant Marine is belongs to that genre (as the name suggests) so blast your way trough it whatever way you want.

  • Be a Trader, buy low, sell high, get filthy rich…
  • Play the Campaign,
  • Do the Challenge Missions,
  • Arm your ship to the teeth,
  • Play with your friends in Co-Op
  • Go explore….be wild…be free!
  • Steam achievements

Redeem the game on Steam for only $0.99 (or pay more than the average for one more key!)


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