Daily Indie Game: Streets of Chaos

Streets of Chaos is an unique strategy/board game hybrid where you become the leader of a rising resistance in a world gripped in crime and anarchy. You’ll get to recruit randomly generated members of your posse with 7 different stats forming their skills, equip them with randomly generated weapons and armor and ultimately send them on missions of various types to take over the city, commit crimes to gather cash, hire lawyers, bribe or assassinate judges, and more, all in a totally randomly generated world.

Key gameplay features include:

  • Manage a pool of 3 different resources and use them for game benefits.
  • Defend your HQ against attacks from rival gangs.
  • Deal with a secret, hidden enemy that throws a monkey wrench into your plans periodically. Hunt him down using your crew!
    Full orchestral music, an attractive and intuitive interface and tons of strategic options and paths to victory.

Grab Streets of Chaos over at Daily Indie Game!

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