eLearning Bundle: Build VR Games from Scratch

Growing in popularity with a competitive ecosystem of platforms, VR games are opening up new, exciting opportunities for those looking to break in and revolutionize the video game industry.

With The Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit, learn computer programming and develop the skills necessary to start building your very own VR title!

eLearning Bundle: Build VR Games from Scratch

AppGameKit is an easy-to-learn development engine that teaches you coding logically but quickly through expert guides and tutorials. It also gives you the chance to create and sell games for Apple devices, Android devices, and many others. Plus, a 900-page eBook — included in this 4-course bundle — helps you master everything from animations to sound effects with hands-on projects and demo source code!

With the basics covered, start developing VR games with ease. Using a few commands, create a standing or seated VR experience, accounting for everything from detecting head mounted displays to registering touch events from controllers. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of how to render a 3D scene to the HMD while figuring out how to control the position and rotation of a player within a 3D scene.

Pick up The Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit at IGB Deals for $29.99.

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