eLearning: PivotTable Pro Excel Course 79% off

Harness the Power of Excel. Master PivotTables in Just 10 Hours!


In the digital world, data is king.

This course will teach you to utilize PivotTables to analyze and present data quickly and easily. You’ll learn to manage data sets, big and large, and draw conclusions that’ll spur the success of whatever you’re looking accomplish.

  • Understand how & when to use PivotTables w/ 10 hours of instruction
  • Identify ‘best’ & ‘worst’ entries in data sets
  • Filter, sort & group PivotTable data to maximize success
  • Present your findings clearly w/ PivotCharts & Conditional Formatting
  • Customize calculations according to your requirements
  • Summarize data for reporting purposes
  • Work w/ PivotTables based on OLAP cubes
  • Use Slicers to synthesize & emphasize data across multiple PivotTables
  • Use PivotTables to build interactive dashboards

Master Excel PivotTables for just $12 (79% off) at IGB DEALS

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