EuroBundle by Headup Games

At the first of november 1992 the Maastricht treaty came into effect, formally establishing the European Union (EU). EuroBundle collects 12 indie games out of Europe united in one special bundle, hosted by HeadUp Games.

By buying a bundle for a self-chosen price you support the work of all those teams by giving the developers the major part of the revenue and receive a carefully selected choice of fantastic indie games.

EuroBundle by Headup Games


TIER 1: Pay 9€ or more to receive steam keys for the following Steam titles:

» Bridge Constructor Medieval
» In Between
» Reign of Bullets
» Puddle
» Arson & Plunder
» Onikira: Demon Killer
» Race.a.bit
» Savant – Ascent
» The Red Solstice
» Q.U.B.E.
» Meridian: New World
» Albedo
10% of all revenues generated will go to Gaming Aid Charity.

Buy the EuroBundle over at HeadUp Games

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