Flying Summer Savers Bundle

Flying Summer Savers Bundle – welcome back, Flying Bundle! It’s been a while. Let’s see what you have for us this time around!

Pay at least $1.99 to get the following PC indie games:

  • Explosionade – All your friends are storming the Horronym Fortress but Colonel Bouche left you to guard the supply depot. Disregarding orders you open the depot to find a gigantic, prototype mech!
  • Last Horizon – A minimal, atmospheric space survival & exploration game, set to deep ambient music.
  • Magic Quest – Magic, towers, strategy and super heroes are all in one tower defense game: Magic Quest!
  • Mystica: The Ninth Society – Mystica is a 2D MMORPG with minimal focus on a primary story.
  • RoBoRumble – RoBoRumble is a real-time 3D strategy game, offering two major battle campaigns consisting of 15 missions each and a multi-player mode with hot combat for up to four players at a time
  • Star Sky 2 – Explore the world around you, the magic that surrounds it. Learn the ways of the nature, the mountains and caves, snow-filled tundras and serene lakes. Uncover the different courses life can take
  • stratO – Glide, swoop, tuck, dive, magnetize, grind, walldrive, and burn your way through rings to advance the difficulty of the vast, procedurally-generated environment while avoiding the fog and getting stranded!
  • Tales Across Time – Tales Across Time is a linear, story-driven RPG experience from the creator of 8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey. It uses the classic short-story format to tell the tale of three very different characters; each living centuries apart, but in the same location
  • Trouble In The Manor – Trouble In The Manor is an online multiplayer game which takes place in a spooky far away manor. You are designated one of three roles upon each round: innocent, bloodhound, or murderer

All games are redeemable on Steam. Flying Summer Savers Bundle costs $1.99 and you can get it over at Flying Bundle

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