Free Game: Airport Simulator 2014

Booming turbine noise, kerosene smells in the air while constant change and new challenges present themselves: The daily life of a large airport is perfectly presented and is a particular challenge in professional and economic Airport Simulator 2014.

Whether refueling super jumbos, or coordinating air traffic controllers and technical staff, or even organizing perfect catering: The management of this airport will always have new challenges for you!

The game offers most detailed and comprehensive simulation of the events at an international airport . Many management and business options for the expansion of terminals and extension of runways + countless missions and tasks that the player has to fulfill in order to guarantee a successful airport should keep you pinned to this game for a while.

Grab the Airport Simulator 2014 here.

How to redeem:

  • Head to the site above and add the game to your cart. (The site is in German so you may need the help from someone experienced with the language)
  • Login or create an account
  • Use the voucher code “CHIP-FLUG2014
  • The price in your basket should be reduced to zero.
  • Note that these are not Steam keys.

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