Free game: Dead Bits

Enter a colorful world, as a protagonist named Quilly, who has been kidnapped by some stupid Aliens and now has no options but to shoot them Alien Zombies in the face…Oh, and at the same time run, jump around, and cause general mayhem as you fight your way to freedom!

Dead Bits is an action game developed by Microblast Games and you can play it on your Microsoft Windows or Mac Os machines.

Now hurry up and grab your FREE steam key!

And while the game is downloading to your Steam library, check out this gameplay video!


  1. “Please Note: A Facebook account is also required. You can find out why and give us your input here.”

    At least put that junk at the very start so I don’t even bother signing up.

  2. Or you could have done this.

    1.- wait for a steam sale
    2.- buy this game
    3.- alt+tab and wait till you get those cards
    4.- sell cards
    5.- ???
    6.- profit (literaly since you’re going to get more money than what you bought for this game)


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