FREE GAME: Leisure Suit Larry 6 – Shape Up Or Slip Out

Another game you can download for free starting from today – Leisure Suit Larry 6 – Shape Up Or Slip Out, the fifth game in Al Lowe’s Leisure Suit Larry series. Get FREE DRM-free downloads of Larry 6 for a limited time in the IndieGala Store and keep it forever.

FREE GAME: Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up Or Slip Out


Shape Up or Slip Out! is the fifth game in Al Lowe’s Leisure Suit Larry series and again a classique point&click adventure.

All the events from the previous games are forgotten. Larry is single, and his goal is to capture the interest of various ladies. By sheer coincidence, Larry finds himself on a TV Game Show called “Stallions”. He wins a weekend at the Spa Resort, La Costa Lotta. Naturally, there are some beautiful women in the spa who are just dreaming about such a wonderful, handsome man as Larry! Uh… or is it really so? It is the player’s goal to find out!

– A classique old school point&click adventure with an adult-themed scenario

– Explore La Costa Lotta as the best Spa resort Larry has ever been probably and discover its secrets.

– Help Larry to relax at La Costa Lotta and maybe find the perfect woman for him.

– Larry can die again, as he did in the series before but can continue again right before he died.

– Play as one of gaming’s longest lasting legends: Leisure Suit Larry!

– Al Lowe’s famously risque humor and bodacious babes that are waiting to “work out” with you!

Leisure Suit Larry 6 has Positive user reviews and it usually costs $4.99. Get it free at IndieGala store and keep it forever.


Just head over to IndieGala Store and select “add to your library”. Note that you must be logged in to do this. After you add it to your library you can download it from this page.

This is a DRM-free copy, which means you can download it, back it up and keep it forever without needing any clients such as Steam or Epic Games Store.

However, you can download the optional IndieGala launcher to have a quicker access to your library.

Game downloads are available for Window PC.

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