Free Game: Royal Quest Welcome Pack

Royal Quest offers a fresh MMO experience from the creators of Space Rangers and King’s Bounty series. Join Guild Wars, conquer Castles, and battle other players in unique PvPvE locations, or explore the vast world of Aura and enjoy the story on your own.

Innovative elemental battle system allows players to exploit enemy weaknesses by properly choosing what weapons and skills to use against the target, while game mechanics are easy to learn (including an automatic character upgrade system), and offer deep and challenging experience later in the game.

This Welcome Pack offers:

  • Slimmy + Silver Magnetic Collar – pet to collect your loot for you,
  • Consumables:
    20 Maiden’s tickets to fast travel between saved locations;
    20 Elmar’s Balm to instantly heal your character;
    20 Melios’ Tincture to instantly replenish your characters’ Energy or Mana;
    20 Ambrosia to heal and replenish Energy or Mana over little time;
  • Yellow Box which can contain even most valuable loot!

Grab the Royal Quest Welcome Pack for free over at Indie Gala!

Just scroll down to the bottom of Gala Store. Who knows, you might find something else of interest there. If you spend $3 or more, you’ll get Pixel Puzzles Japan for free too!

Note that you will need the base game in order to use this pack. It’s free to play and available on Steam.

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