Free Game: Trackday Manager (Beta key)

Trackday Manager is a 3D simulation/manager multiplayer game where you manage a racing team (well of course!). Control your driver during races by giving him commands through many options while watching the race in 3D surroundings. Guide your driver to victory!

Your accomplishments are updated on the Trackday Manager leaderboards, both in-game and on the official website, which tells you how well you are doing compared to other players in the world.


Main Features
  • Race day Central with team orders.
  • Real time pit stop strategies.
  • Dynamic weather system.
  • Day & night races.
  • In-game and web leaderboards/statistics.
  • 16 player multiplayer.
  • Advanced car customization with a vast amount of unique paints and patterns.
  • 6 Uniqe cars each with 72 upgradable parts.
  • Driver skill and pit crew leveling system.
  • In-game sponsorship deals featuring real life sponsors.
  • In-game economics.
  • Purchasable customizations and XP booster packs via micro transaction store.
  • AHGS Hosted race events.


You can get the Trackday Manager beta key here


Just click on the “Beta Signup” sign in the upper right corner, register with your email – and wait for the key, simple as that! 🙂

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