Free Game: Vanguard Princess

Edit: finished

Vanguard Princess is a Japanese 2D fighting game for Windows, and features 10 fighters to choose from. Each fighter has a unique fighting style – but that is to be expected…the thing less expected is that they are all female! That’s right – satisfy your brawling hunger with Japanese girl on girl action!

The game is developed by a single guy, secret code named Suge9, but people also call him Tomoaki Sugeno, and what baffles me is that the graphics and animations in this game are on par with big budget fighting games. Truly remarkable…

Just look at those moves!

And did I mention there’s a 2×2 fighting option? Yeah…that’s also packed in.

You can grab a free Steam key for the Vanguard Princess HERE.

What to do?

  • Create a NEW Playfire account.
  • Link this NEW Playfire account with your Steam account through Playfire settings
  • The Steam key show up on your Playfire profile or mail


  1. You can’t un-link your Steam account from the one you’ve already created, or link the same one twice.

  2. create a new account of steam, linked with new account playfire and take the key and used in your main steam account

  3. This game is just 100% offline, we can get this game out of steam for free if you are very smart to search it.

    Steam should be games only for online mod. Without online mod, is not get worth it.

  4. I guess it only works on new accounts, I had a playfire account since a few months already and nothing is popping up on my page, or I can’t find it.

  5. Does’nt work, i created a new account AND a new account of Steam. No steam key on my profile Playfire or in my mail box.

  6. “A FREE random game from Green Man Gaming when you link your Steam account!” i had numba and not vanguard princess… this post is completely bullshit.


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