Free Game: Welcome to Princeland

IndieGala is giving away FREE copies of Singleplayer mode of Welcome to Princeland in the Indie Gala Store. The game comes as a DRM-free download.

Free Game: Welcome to Princeland

ABOUT THE GAME: You are a part of the rebellion against the prince who exploit his people with taxes. Gather the best weapons, vehicles and followers to crush his army. By upgrading your skills, challenge him at different difficulty mods. After his funeral, we will all able get weapons, vehicles and followers tax-free.

But the challenge is that he is hiding in one of the six bunkers in the land. Sometimes It can be frustrating to not able to find him so you may want to team-up with friends to find him quick.


Just head over to Indie Gala Store and click on the Download button. The game comes in a form of DRM-free Windows PC download with Single Player only. If you also want multiplayer, the Steam version has it – and it has surprisingly good reviews, as well.

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