Free Steam Beta Key: Interloper

Free Steam Beta Key: Interloper


Interloper is an intense real-time strategy game about alien tribes vying for control over a lush, newly discovered world. A peaceful densely vegetated land turns into a volatile battlefield of territorial tug-of-war. Claiming domain provides strategic advantages for the power hungry tribes. Challenge other players in competitive online multiplayer matches to spread your tribe’s influence.


How To Play
The goal of the game is to cover the level with your domain. Domain provides the energy your units thrive on, and it connects claimed structures allowing you to make better units. To expand your domain you must move around your main unit – the Sentinel.

Produce Drones and use them to block the enemy and protect yourself – or explode them into the face of the enemy to break through their defense.

  • Very short 5 minute games.
  • Spatial tactics gameplay focus
  • Online multiplayer matches (cross platform!)
  • Single-player campaign.


Hot to get the key:

  1. Jump to the official game site of Interloper
  2. Subscribe to open beta
  3. Fill out the required field
  4. Confirm Subscription via e-mail
  5. Wait for the key to be send (you never know if it takes a while)


Hope you enjoy it! Have fun!

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