Free Steam Game: Into the War (Pre-order)

Into the War


Into the War is a project created by Reed Gaming Studios. It is set to release Multiplayer Only First Quarter 2015. and it will include 3 Game Modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Many more game modes will be added in the following months after release. Single Player and Co-op modes will come as well and hope to have those ready 2nd-3rd Quarter 2015.


Current Features:
5 Maps Finished and polished
16 Weapons
Adjustable Key Bindings Screen Size and Graphical Settings.
Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.
Vehicles (Vehicle Combat Coming soon) Tanks Jeeps and Jets are now working in game

Coming Soon:
20+ Multiplayer Maps of different sizes and themes
Single Player and Co-op with over 50 levels
Smart AI mode for Servers
Youtube and Facebook Integration
Voice Chat
Game Pad support
Mobile App that tracks stats
Customize your soldier and Customize your weapons.




Instuctions on how to reserve a Key:

1. Go to the Pre-order site

2. Sign in with Steam

3. Click the “Support the Game on Thunderclap”.

4. Click “Enter”

5. That’s it


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Users who already entered a promotion for a free copy are not eligible!


  1. Just a suggestion… You should perhaps make a new category for these “Beta”, “Pre-order”, and “Early Access” games. “Free” is misleading for the last for posts. Thanks for maintaining this site, it’s a great resource!

  2. Just as a quick note to anyone: the steam sign in on the wgn site does not work. It shows an download dialog “openid” instead. Hope they can fix it soon before the promotion runs out. Encountered on FF 33.

  3. ha ha ha!

    Another bate them then switch scam.

    AFTER YOU SIGN IN WITH YOUR STEAM ID they add on a new little task:

    2. Then, click the button below.

    There is no button. Going to report this to steam. I really do not think that baiting people into giving up their account info falls under the steam TOS.

    Going to be nice to see a lot of these “free deals” go down in flames. Hopefully they loose their steam sales page over this.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, considering that lately a LOT of free games are in early access state, we will implement some kind of tagging to separate it. Until then, we will make sure to mention if that is the case in the post title – so you can skip it if you don’t care about the early access titles.

  5. Hi, just checked it myself, you need to support the game by tweeting or fb-ing about the project, then the enter key appears. And then you still need to wait for a key by mail. Hope it helps!

  6. 1. Go to the Pre-order site

    2. Sign in with Steam

    3. Click the “Support the Game on Thunderclap”.

    4. Click “Enter”

    5. That’s it


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